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Hard Disc Partition with Windows

In Windows Disc Management, If you shrink a volume and create a new drive letter, it is on the left of the Volume's display - Which is a long horizontal rectangle. In Windows Disc Management, is the drive letter on the left side of the display on the outside or the inside of the platter?
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  1. No, if you shrink a drive and create a new partition in the newly unpartitioned space it will show up on the same disk number, i.e. Disk 0 or Disk 1 for example, to the right of the original partition with the drive letter in the white or hatched area under the blue bar.
  2. Guess I'm having a hard time understanding. If C is on the left side of the rectangle display, is C on the outside or the inside of the physical hard disc platter? In other words is C on the high velocity part or the low velocity part? Thanks for your help.
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    Ah, sorry now I see what you are asking.

    Generally, AFAIK, drives are formatted and cylinders are numbered beginning at the outer edge of the platters, so the first written tracks (first drive letter partition written to the drive) would be on the outer portion of the platter.

    This is how it was a while back, and I don't know if drive manufacturers have altered this with the multiple platters used now to improve performance.

    I don't know how much performance difference it makes though since the angular velocity may increase towards the edge. Seems like most HDD transfer speed graphs do fall off, but those are really long sequential writes. Random reads and writes are much more dependent on the latency from head movement than angular velocity.
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  5. Thanks. Just wanted to make sure my C drive was on the high velocity partition of the platter. Appreciate your help.
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