ATI 5870 crashing

Guys need a little help here.

Upgraded recently my gaming machine but something seems to be wrong. With Win 7 (64 bit version) and the most recent drivers my machine keeps crashing (mostly while playing). My configuration is:

Corsair HX 620W modular
Gigabyte GA P35 DQ6
Intel core 2 quad Q6600 at 2.4 ghz
2 x Western Digital 320 Gb
8 Gb Ram (2 x (2 x 2 Gb corsair dominator PC2-8500 C5))

No overclock at all and currently using the onboard sound card. Can this be not enough power to the graphics card?
Any ideas?

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  1. I have an XFX 5770 that crashes as well. Currently working on figuring out why. I am curious to know how your crash manifests itself. Mine started 3 weeks after I built this new rig. Up until that point she has been rock solid.

    When my system crashes I may or may not get some screen flickering, but in general it will lock up my PC with a light blue screen with greyish vertical lines. What is noteworthy here is that a reboot causes my system to not POST at all. I have had the system POST after 1 or 2 minutes and then crash in BIOS or while it is still POSTing.

    Let the system sit for a while and it'll boot no issues.

    In general it seems like it won't crash if I am not playing a game.
  2. Your PSU is perfectly adequate for that card. What exactly happens when it crashes? Have you downloaded the latest driver?
  3. Corsair 750W PS. It is rock solid for that card, yes. I have yet to have the PC crash while doing 2D type things. I've had it crash in Star Trek Online and in WoW (which has been fine for 3 weeks).

    The most common crash is a hard lock of the system with a light blue screen with greyish vertical bars. This seems to be the standard visual people are getting when the card crashes. I may also get a black screen, although my monitor is still getting signal.

    Reboots are typically met with the same signaled black screen, although on occasion I'll see it POSTing but the screen is flickering wildly and then it goes "dead".

    If I let the PC say off long enough (presumably to cool down the card) it'll POST and boot into Windows (7, 64-bit) without issue.
  4. Try downclocking it in CCC and see if it helps.
  5. Yeah, the more I read the further in that direction I am going. XFX says they'll RMA my card, which is awesome. I tossed the original packaging and New Egg won't touch it now. So at least I do have an avenue for replacement
  6. My crashes are mostly manifested with a complete system "freeze" with the sound looping and unable to recover to desktop, task manager or whatever other apps I have running at the same time. Occasionally the game crashes and I'm sent to the desktop with the familiar Win 7 error stating that the program just crashed (no explanation provided).
    With all I've been reading it seems to be a case of new OS paired with new hardware and drivers but it's the only way to take advantage of DX11!!
  7. Could be a overheating issue, have you checked your temps before/after these crashes. CPU temp/GPU temp. Also have you tried manually setting the cards fan speed higher to see if it makes any difference. Also have you tried different driver versions foryour 5870 9.10/9.11/9.12
  8. I have recently had a pc built using Gigabyte ex58-ud5 MB and a gigabyte 5870 graphics card, 12 gb ocz plat ram. Not overclocked. Had the same problem that the pc would lock up with either white or pinkish screen with vertical lines. only a rebout would cure. after a re-instal still have had the odd lockup, also wold not recover after sleep or loggoff.
  9. No temperature issues. I'm running at about 28/30 C both system and processor. The ATI 5870 is in a well ventilated area of my coolermaster stacker (lots of room).
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