OCZ AMD Black Edition 1600MHz vs. 1800MHz RAM

Hi all, I was just wondering which one would suit my system more, assuming they are the same price.

I'm running a 955 BE with an ASUS M4A89GTD PRO mobo.
The OCZ RAM is advertised to self optimize itself with Black Edition processors which I have, but the frequency of the 1800 is higher.

Basically, which would one perform better. The 1800MHz I'm looking at is the Kingston HyperX LoVo 2x2GB DDR3-1800 Kit CL9, or maybe G.Skill.

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    Go with the OCZ AMD Black Edition kit, I don't think the Phenom II X4 955s can handle four DIMMs of 1866 MHz memory should you want to upgrade. It should be cheaper as well, and with AMD, latencies are more important apparently.
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