Beep when POST?

So Ive built my first PC... had a few run ins with noob errors and such. I keep reading the OC forums and everyone mentions the "beep" when the comp makes POST. I have yet to hear this "beep".

antec 902, thermaltake 850, MSI x58 pro, Core i7, WD caviar green 500g, PNY ddr3 2g X2. still waiting for windows 7 to show up... but did the first boot with a mistakenly bought 7 premium "upgrade" version... (hey i said im a noob) :pt1cable:

so... do i have an internal speaker? because its not beeping did i do something wrong? waiting sucks... i need this thing up and running
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  1. Read your Mobo manual, it will say where a system speaker should be/is connected on your board, if ones not connected, you wont hear any errror beeps,
    as for your 'upgrade' version of 7premium, it would require a previous/lower copy of win7 already installed on the hd, you cant put a bodykit on a car you dont have :)
    sorry man,
  2. thanks... yea i got the 7 upgrade for vista... little bit of excitement combined with not paying attention to exactly what the package said. i will look into the mobos manual for this.
    again i say thanks
  3. I dont have one myself Zip, but its handy for him to know in case he ever does need the beeps for faultfinding, learn now, saves a post later hehe :)
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