What do you think of this build im planning


Im looking at a new extreme gaming build and just wanted to get some advice about the particular parts im looking at. Any advise would be great.

Intel Core i7 920 - watercooled & OC to 4Ghz

ASUS Rampage 2 Extreme motherboard


12GB (6x2GB) 1866mhz corsair TR3X Dominator RAM with Fan

128GB SSD for OS & 2x 300GB 10,000rpm sata HD's

1000W Corsair power supply

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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  1. looks pretty extreme to say the least.

    I like that you stuck with the 920 instead of wasting money on another i7 model. I would suggest ditching the 2 300gb 10k mechanical drives for a couple of spinpoint f3s (500gb or 1TB models). They will perform close to on par with those VRaps and you'll save a ton of money going this route.

    I would suggest going a cheaper route on the RAM as there are much better values out there. I don't mind your GPU and PSU choices (assuming you might run another 5970 in quad-crossfire(???) in the future).

    I assume you're going with a Gen-2 SSD from Intel?
  2. first off, can you buy from newegg, second what is ur budget...but now for the help...i would not get that ram, get 1 set of this:


    it is better for oc'ing, and probs faster, and 12 gigs is absolutely not needed. next, get this combo:


    probably cheaper, definitely better. a 128 gb ssd is somewhat pushing it for a os, so maybe get a 64 gb:


    or if you really want a 128 gb, get this:


    next, DO NOT GET 2 RAPTORS FOR STORAGE!!! they are meant for speed, not security...and a i tb f3 would be SUCH a better option:


    way cheaper, way more secure, and catching up in speed. i cant argue too much with that corsair, but i would get this one instead:


    i just think it is better, and about the same price. depending on the ssd, you just saved enough to buy a second 5970 :D
  3. thanks for the reply, both those HD choices look quite good, also is there a RAM set that you would suggest?

    Also, do you think that this set up would be a happy medium between gaming and visual effects before plunging fully into the visual efects side with the quadro fx cards, or is it pretty much one or the other?
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