What do you guys think of my future build

First i would like to say that this is my first post in tom's forums. Ok... Now ill start complaining. About 4 years ago i bought a amd 3800+ 939 socket cpu (one core). To make matter worse i bought motherboard with "agp" and slapped a Nvidia 9800le in it. I basically built the worst upgradable system in the history of computers. I could have bought pcie but it didnt show any real performance over agp at that time. I basicaly built the system around being able to play doom 3 at the time. So now its present and i cant stand my system and im poor with a budget of $350 max. Does anyone know how long am3 socket will last? Are the am3 boards starting to hit there max?Here is what im thinking of getting. What do you guys think.
thinking of getting:
1. AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition Deneb 3.2GHz=$169.00 newegg
2. ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO=$99 newegg
it has a igp that i will have to use for about a year until i can afford a nice gpu. One of the cons about the board is the second pcie 2.0 is at x4.
3. G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB (2 x 2GB) ddr3 1600=$93 newegg.
here is a list of the stuff i own and plan on using with the build
1. 2 sata3 500gb drives
2. 1 cd/dvd buners
3. case
4. antac 430w power supply
im not sure this power supply will handle the x4 955.
5. coolmaster mini r80
i read that my coolmaster might fit on an am3 socket. I also read that people are getting temps in the 60s with the amd 955 oem cooler(not good).

I'm hoping on being able to slap this thing together and everything will work. what do you guys think. I'm a little afraid my psu wont hold up. If you guys come up with a better build im open to suggestions. Ill be using this thing for gaming and other cpu intensive things.
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  1. first off, a 430 watt psu wont be able to support any significant video card (most recommend above 450). and i had my stock cooler on my 955, and it idled at about 35 degrees, and almost never went above 50, so it should be fine (but not recommended). the am3 socket will be around for a long time, into octa-cores possibly, and amd being the nice people that they are :lol: will ALMOST DEFINITELY make am3+ backwards compatible with am3. i would recommend a 5770 for that by the way, and a good buch of combos can be had...but what you have is a great build, but look into this:



    thats 370$ (prices have gone up from your build) and then:


    for 215$...unless you would settle for a x4 620, or x3 720 (anybody else notice it is the exact same prices as 955 on neweg???)

    but i dont think any more mobos have agp...but i hope i was a help. :D
  2. Wow i like that combo deal you found. Its to bad the mobo. doesn't come with a igp. I just need just need the dumb igp(integrated graphics processor) until i get more money(im a school student and broke). That ram you found is a lot better but i read somewhere that you would never feel the difference in timing in the real world. also in the future i plan on upgrading my psu. Im just looking to survive with this build until next year when i graduate. I'm a moderate system builder but do you gus call it "igp" or "mgpu" when you refer to on-board graphics cards. Can you put anything in a pcie 2.0 slot that runs at x4 or? Seems to me that slot will be good for nothing and empty in the future. hears another question for you advanced guys "is sli or crosFire worth the money or just a wast?".
  3. wellx4 is just the speed, and crossfire and sli arent necessarily a waste, but they are more of a hassle. for you, yes it would be a waste...and you can get a cheap 785g mobo, with a 4200 integrated to hold u over.
  4. I suggest about a 500w or a 550w.
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