Suitable graphic card for video editing.

Hi, I'm building up a new computer and I want to ask what graphic card i should get.

im currently making short films/documentary using HD camera at uni.

I use final cut pro for video editing and CS5 flash, photoshop and etc.

with CPU Intel I5 750 or I7 850
I came up with ati 8850 1gb

but i came to think of it, i think 8850 is for pro in the industry and I might be using this pc for about 1~2 years time maximum.

I dont want the best top quality vga but 'alrigh-stuff for film/media student.'

ps. really sorry if you find my english a bit foolish, english is my second language.
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  1. sorry the vga card is ati 5850 1gb

    some says nvidia is better for video editing (faster/stable) but i don't really know which one to buy.

    especially when it's the case i've known nivdia for gaming-purpose and ati for films/videos.
  2. no gaming at all?
    then 5850 is overkill for u...
    video editing is a CPU's job, i5 or i7 is great to do that. :)
  3. well, my first priority is video editing.

    I'm tempted to play the latest fps games but I play W3 most of the time (which is very very old game).
    I might be planning on playing AION but i wouldnt get into it too much.
    (if the game is too heavy for my new computer? forget about it)

    So yeah, maybe no gaming just mainly video editing.
    how about memory card and PSU?
    Do you think ddr3 4gb and 550w is enough?
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    If all you are doing is video editing a 4670 would work just fine for you. Anything else would be overkill. I have a buddy who does photography and video and just got a new machine with an AMD Phenom2 820 w/ 8GB DDR2 and a 4650 and it works awesome for what he needs. You just need a desktop graphics card, that's all, nothing fancy. The CPU and storage (RAM and HD) is the big concern when dealing with large photos and videos.
  5. Thanks a lot wa1 and jay2tall for replies.

    I should list the parts I'm getting for the new computer

    1. Intel I5 750
    2. gigabyte P55-UD3
    3. Kingston DDR3 1600 4gb
    4. gigabyte ATI 5850 1gb (maybe replace this with 4670)
    5. WD 1000g
    6. gigabyte 550w psu

    The computer shop suggested me this list for my video-editing pc. Maybe they didn't too well understand what I meant by video-edit purpose computer.

    They didnt suggest me any sound card. i might be doing some easy audio editing but should i get a new sound card as well? (this might be the wrong place to ask!@!@!@)
  6. Yeah, just because they work in a computer shop doesn't mean they are smart. Just like talking to the Geek Squad, Whoooa don't get me started on them. It's fun to go to BestBuy and see what they say about my made up scenario's.

    AS far as sound, I think it would depend what you need. Some sound cards can get pretty pricy so you need to know what you need. Like MIDI ports and such, or just a better than onboard sound.
  7. I love the Geek squad joke lololol

    yeah and about the sound card.
    well, I don't want to get into too much detail because I won't be needing it as eager and desperate as for video editing. It will be very basic editing just like cut and paste.

    priority list is
    1. edit HD video using final cut pro, premiere etc
    2. flash, photoshop - basic photo/graphic work
    3. very easy basic sound edit prob by using video edit tools
    (I could get access to sound recording/editing facility at uni and i might be doing the job there and transport it back to my pc for just cut&paste job.)
    4. watching DVD/films/documentaries/listening to beautiful classical music
    5. games (old games like warcraft 3, HL2 and other mods)

    Some description I made was unclear and it might be confusing for all.
    Thanks for putting up with me and this post is helping me a lot. :)
  8. For just basic audio stuff, the onboard should be just fine. I have an Xtreme gamer card from Creative that I have had for a few years, I love it. I can tell a difference in games as opposed to the onboard. Although on some of the higherend motherboards, the onboard is much better than most, or it comes with a PCI-E x1 card. But honestly I would just see how things go with onboard, because you can easily drop $100+ on a true soundcard.

    I really don't think you will need much more than a 4670, maybe a 5750 if you want something better and have a few extra bucks to drop (not a bad investment). I believe the 5670 is coming out this month actually if you can hang tight.
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