Windows failed to start.

I was told this is an ideal place to look for information about spills. This is a cross-post. Thank everyone in advance for any help/information provided.

Here is my story, I hope you can help:

I was gaming one morning. My nephew was watching me, I went to use the rest room. I come back and he had spilled his juice inside my machine. I lost video and the fan on my brand new 7770 was stuck on max rpm. I turned everything off, took out the gpu, cleaned it, let it dry. Let the rest of the computer dry. I reinstalled the GPU and turned on my machine. The fan was no longer stuck on max RPM, so I felt I dodged a bullet. However, windows failed to start. It continually fails to start. I tried an older GPU (9500 GT). The fan on it would, for some reason, not spin, but I saw the model come up when I started the PC. Windows wont start. Initially I believed my problem was limited to a shorted GPU and I don't mind buying another new one, but since I was unable to get my old GPU to work I'm worried something else has shorted.

Please, for the love of all that is sacred, someone help me.
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  1. Does your motherboard have a video-out of any kind? Try plugging that into the monitor and boot. If you're still not booting, this might be a motherboard issue, perhaps some of the juice got into the PCI slot and shorted it?
  2. I am unsure if my motherboard has that... What can I look for? A VGA or DVI plug right on the motherboard?
  3. It's possible that you got liquid into your PCI-e slot and that also needs to be pulled/dried.

    To answer your question above- yes, it would have a VGA/DVI/HDMI port for on-board video.
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