Getting hard disk error.

I recently got a new pc and after like 3-4 weeks i noticed that things went loading or starting as fast as before, like games loading screans took longer starting the pc up in general is taking longer. After about a week after it started happening i got an error message saying windows found a hard disk issue so google ways to find out the issue and it said to run a scan on the drive after about i would say 12 hours doing a scan it didnt tell me anything and now nothing loads. is there anyway i can still salvage the drive or is it broken?
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  1. If the drive still spins up you could try booting to a live cd and see if you can still access the files on the drive to copy them to a usb drive. If the computer was just 3 or 4 weeks old, hopefully its still under warranty and you could get it replaced from wherever you got it from after trying to get your data off.

    This is assuming the messages you saw was the actual message that Win7 gives when the smart data is reporting a bad drive to it. There are lots of virus's that do a very similar thing, but generally they will try to get you to buy something.
  2. It sounds like the drive died. If it is still under warranty, you should be able to return it for replacement - check with the vendor or the manufacturer's support webpage. Western Digital is very good about replacing it bad hard drives.
  3. welp thank yall very much. the pc was put together the drive i got from a friend. so there isnt anyway i could fix it? the error message was the win7 one said to backback up my data and such or to remind me later.
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