Is a50 a good cooler for i7 3770k with no overclocking?

I want to know if a corsair a50 is a good cooler for gaming...with no overclocking
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  1. For a mainstream cooler the Corsair A50 does an exceptional job, and while it couldn’t quite match the cooling performance of the higher-end heatinks it does have a better price to performance ratio than that of the more expensive offerings.

    Currently the Corsair A50 can be found for $35.24 shipped without a rebate and that should be able to fit any one's budget. For that you get a CPU cooler that works well at stock processor clock frequencies and even higher overclocks, and for $35 it makes for a nice upgrade over stock cooling.

    So in this regard, A50 is ideal!

  2. This is always a great alternative as well...

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