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Hello All,

I have an RT-101 Compaq Keyboard and would like to obtain a user's guide/manual for the product. I purchased it several years ago from a store with something less than a good reputation and they failed to provide me with an instruction manual. My computer illiteracy knows no boundaries and while I know how to install one on the tower, I do not know how to operate it fully. I would be most appreciative if someone could help me with this. Thank you and all have a good day.

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  1. Welcome to the forum Billy the Kid!
  2. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    Welcome to the forum Billy the Kid!

    Hi There Area51reopen,

    So you caught that. You're very well read and informed if I may say so.
    Now, concerning your handle, Area51 is one of my favorite conspiracy issues and I watch everything I can on that. Did you ever see Jesse Ventura's investigation on Area 51? This will be around for a long time. Thank you for the welcome and I look forward to being a good member of the family. Take care and hope I am able to log back in.

    Pat Garrett
  3. Jesse Ventura's investigation on Area 51 < Loved it!!!!!!!

    Don't shoot me Pat!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Sorry I misspelled your handle, it's Area51reopened. Elvis has left the building.
  5. Please come back and I hope we can find what your looking for!
  6. Thanks Area, we got crossed up in our messaging. Take care and thanks again. By the way, I wouldn't shoot someone with such a handsome face. LOL
  7. Dunno if you would call him handsome ... unless he has his raygun pointed at you.
  8. Hi REYNOD,

    I enjoyed our quipping with Area on 08-20-12 but fell below the radar due to some personal issues and then was unable to log on until now. While I've kept my license up to date thank goodness I find myself in peril and must try to sell some items but a picture is required, another shovel of dirt from the hole. Are there any means to ask for help that you know of? Would appreciate any and all and a response via e-mail. Take care you and Area and all.

  9. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    Please come back and I hope we can find what your looking for!

    Dear Area.

    You wrote to me an e-mail in the form of a link and I have exhausted efforts to get back to you with barriers at every turn. I've just given up.

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