Run XP from USB? (Laptop, but no HDD)

The hard drive in my laptop has stopped working, and I was wondering is there a possibility to run XP (or any operating system) from a USB stick until I buy a new computer. Thing is I don't want to replace the HDD because I will be getting a new one, but in 30-40 days (problems with money).

I am writing this from another computer, and I could install the USB system using this machine, and then continue using my laptop for web browsing, music from YouTube and Office.
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  1. While there are ways to do this, they are legally dubious because Microsoft intentionally designed XP to not do this. You can do this with relative ease with various Linux distributions however.
  2. Ok, thanks.

    I actually found that there is something called Ubuntu Live CD. But I don't know will it run on my laptop. It is a Pentium M 1.6GHz. 768 MB RAM. (bought it back in 2005.)

    Also, I don't know is it just possible to download the Live CD, burn it and it will work?
  3. Linux tends to work far better on older hardware than the latest and greatest. And yes, all you need to do is burn the disc, or load it on a flash drive, and then boot from it. Everything will run right off of the CD/DVD, so don't expect great performance, but it will certainly be better than not having a laptop for the next month or so.
  4. Excelent.

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