Two monitor hook up issues

I am trying to hook up two monitors to my pc using the onboard graphics card and a separate one i installed to the motherboard. The problem is that the computer will only recognize the one I installed and not the onboard graphics card. Any solutions?
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  1. Does the expansion card you added have 2 outputs? I would use both of them before the onboard.

    Sometimes you have to set the BIOS to use both, otherwise it will not work. Also, check the display settings in Windows and ensure that the display is enabled.
  2. No it does not have two outputs, it's an old graphics card. Someone else had told me to try going through the bios so i will try it. thank you
  3. What kinda of expansion card it is, and what is the onboard? (Intel, ATI, Nvidia?)

    I know the later Nvidia drivers do not let you install a non nvidia card when the nvidia drivers are used.
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