Fan gets really loud even though it's always at 100%?

Hi, I've had my new build since about October and everything was okay for a couple of months, but recently I've noticed my CPU fan (Stock) is getting extremely loud after the computer has been on for a while. It happens no matter what, I'll leave it sitting there for an hour and come back and it would still be loud.

What's odd though, Is I just turned my computer on and it says the fan is running at 100%, yet I can barely hear it. So I'm wondering if it's a faulty fan or some other problem.
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  1. Check your bios. The last section on the left usually has the hardware monitor settings for an award bios. Mine has a calibrator and "quiet" setting.
  2. i have that same problem...well it isn't really a problem, it says that it runs at 100% well not really, when the pc realize that ur temp. in the case or CPU increses it speeds up the CPU fan thus that noise, u probably need more case fans in the right airflow sequence,but its nothing to worry about cause same thing happens to me...
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