Modding kuhler 920?

i have a kuhler 920 has any one modded one? i would like to add clear tubes and bay res to it but am concerned about the pump is it powerful enough. i dont expect a performance gain just for looks
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  1. A better option would be selling it, but a lot of people have complaints that the pump isn't strong enough (especially with the closed loop systems) when they modded theirs.
  2. i really enjoy the antec color changing light on pump so i would like to keep it what about adding a second pump maybe a pump res combo?
  3. anyone know if 2 pumps will work if i run them at the same rpm
  4. Having two pumps at that speed is just overcomplicating, I would take amuffins suggestion and try to sell it. Either way just get yourself a stronger pump, there's plenty of other spots to add bling in your pc anyway
  5. Modding a closed loop cooler is ok if you want a project, but I wouldn't expect any dramatic performance increases. These coolers are developed and produced on a budget scale and are built more for the 'name/description on the box' rather than actual performance of said description.

    Closed loop liquid cooling does not perform like water cooling.
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