Installing DDR2 into a DDR motherboard?

I recently built my new computer, and my friend wants to use my old graphics card and ram. His computer is an old computer from 2001, and it has 4 slots; one of which is used with 1 stick of DDR memory. Would it be possible to install my old ddr2 memory on it, or would i just bend something? I'm giving him 4GB (4x1GB sticks; 1066mhz freq.) I currently use 6gb of ddr3 memory, so I have no use for it.
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  1. No its not possible.
  2. The memory modules just wont fit.. DDR2 RAM slots and modules are different (240 pin) compared to DDR (180 pin)
  3. DDR, DDR2 and DDR3 are all different types of RAM and are not compatible with each other. A DDR motherboard will not accept DDR2 due to the amount of pins in each and also different fixtures. The graphics card will probably work if your friend's computers motherboard has the correct socket. PCI, PCI-e etc
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