I buy a Tyan s7002 and 8 module of 4gb. So the bios mainboard recognize only 24 gb of ram.
I take the type of ram from the compatibly list from tyan website...
I buy KINGSTON Value DDR3 DIMM 4GB PC3-8500 1066Mhz CL7 ECC Registered (KVR1066D3Q8R7S/4G).

Why it doesn't work?

I check all module and there is not a ram problem.
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  1. Your board may have an absolute limit of 24 gb of recognized ram, so you can populate up to 6 slots with your ram and sell the leftover. If your ram and size are approved, then you need to contact tyan. A bios update might work. Use their email tech support if they have it.
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