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Just build my new system. Amd Phenom II 965 w/ Gigabyte mobo, OCZ memory and EVGA GTS 250 graphics card. Seem to have everything hooked up and good to go but get no DVI signal. Tried reseeding the graphics card, reseeding the cpu, swapping the memory 1 stick at a time and no change. Any ideas?
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  1. plug a speaker into the mobo and see if it beeps 3 times in a row fast if it is your ram is dead i had ocz ram and it died in 2 months it wasnt defective it just died for no apprent reson never trust them again.
  2. Have you tried one stick only of memory? (Not sure if that is what you meant by swapping memory one stick at a time.) If not might be a good idea to check.
    Is the memory on the mobo list of compatible memory?
    Did you connect the power cable to the video card?

    After going through the no boot checklist linked above, if you still have problems:
    1. Please provide a complete list of components with full model numbers.
    2. What happens exactly when you turn it on? What lights, sounds, fans, etc. if any.
    3. Can you try the graphics card in another PC to verify it is good? Also the cable.
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