H60 vs Khuler 620 vs smaller air cooler

I have a hyper 212 plus at the moment. It is all fine and dandy but recently I got a new cpu b93 x3 phenom (unlocked 4th core to be 973) and the idle temps are 41. Under load it heats up to 60ish and I have it overclocked to 3.4ghz. not only do I want a water cooler for better temps, but also so I can have room to actually put more DIMMs of Ram because my hyper 212 plus covers one of my slots. Lastly, if I put the water cooler in push pull, directly attached to the rear exhaust to save a lot of space for better airflow. If anyone has a good aircooler that can do push pull and doesn't cover my RAM, I would love to hear that too. But my main question is should i get the H40, H60 or Khuler 620?
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  1. If you have the extra cash I'd bump up to the H80. I haven't looked much into the Khuler series, but a lot of people are using the corsair kits and getting good results.
  2. As much as I would love a beefy liquid cooler, i have to keep it on a budget :(
  3. Well I sat down and did some research, and apparently the Antec tends to run cooler from what I read on a few forums and reviews. One review link just to show:


    So yeah, go with Antec
  4. just ordered my 620, going to get a shroud and a high air pressure fan to go along with it
  5. If you're in a tight budget, you can go with the Kuhler 620, if you want to set a push and pull setup and you need fan screws, send the request to vip@antec.com or send me a private message. I can provide you with extra 4 long fan screws.

    One more thing before buying, if you have a 775 kit, make sure you buy the box that doesn't have the Support LGA 2011 sticker, this kit is the right kit for the LGA 775

    The kit that has the LGA 2011 sticker support the 2011 and everything except for the LGA 775.

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