First build. Need advice.


BUDGET RANGE: ~$1000AUS willing to go beyond for good reason but no higher than $1500

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming, Surfing the net, Watching Movies

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Keyboard, mouse, monitor (for now, will upgrade down the track), speakers

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: No specific preference but ive heard around Brisbane Australia that is good and also cheap. Also theres

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Queensland, Australia

PARTS PREFERENCES: I am not too educated on brands etc nowadays so i have no preferences.


SLI OR CROSSFIRE: Probably. Might purchase another and crossfire my vid card down the track but not immediately

MONITOR RESOLUTION: 1024x1280 on my current monitor. BUT i WILL be purchasing something bigger and better a couple weeks after the build so keep that in mind.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: New to building a PC so Im a bit lost in a lot of it. Im not gona be playing hardcore FPS games. Generally just WoW, Oblivion, Fallout 3. Im not concerned about getting the ABSOLUTE BEST out of my games. But having said that if its within my price range to do so, why not. This is what ive scrounged together thus far.....

[OS] Windows 7 Home Premium more than likely.

[MOBO] Duno wat to get here, im thinking something in the P55 range as they seem to work well from wat ive read with the i5's. Any help here is appreciated.

[CPU] Intel 1156 Core i5-750 (will be overclocking)

[GPU] Since its already been bought for me, Gigabyte ATI Radeon HD 5770 (might look at crossfiring two of these down the track)

[RAM] Looking at 2x 2gb ddr2 probably. i duno if jumping to ddr3 for the tiny boost is worth the dollar value on it yet

[PSU] NO idea here. I have no clue what sorta wattage i watn or anything. So if someone could help me out here with a suggestion thatd be GREAT. Thanks

[HDD] I have 2 WD2500JS harddrives already from my current system. I will probably look at keeping them but backing up what i need and putting them back into RAID0 configuration. Unless someone has a better option?

[OPT] Just gona keep my dvd and dvd-rw drives and install them until i feel i wana fork out for something better like a blu-ray burner or something.

Well thats all i got so far, with the exception of throwin in a card reader in there for kicks. Gona keep my current monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers for now. Proably look at a new monitor down the track (widescreen monitor and one bigger than 19" >_<). As for cases, i have no clue wat to get. Any help on that front would also be appreciated. So far im opting for something BIG with some very good powerful fans in place so it has room to breathe well. Being in Queensland, Australia, it can get pretty damn hot in summer (yesterdays top was recorded at 36degrees Celcius). Liquid cooling scares me still (haha) as its very new to me and i know NOTHING about it. But if you think its better though by all means talk me into it.

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  1. If I were considering two 5770's, I'd get a good 650 watt PSU - something like a Corsair or Antec that can deliver full, rated power at 50 C. Peak load of a pair of 5770's is about 18 amps. Figure 10 amps for an OC'd quad core. Two HD's and an optical is about 3 amps.

    A good 550 watt PSU would work, but you said temperature is a consideration. A larger PSU running at 60% - 70% of capacity will generate less heat than a smaller one at 80% efficiency.

    An i5 motherboard uses DDR3 RAM. You have no choice.
  2. ok so ddr3 it is.
    so u recommend a 650 watt PSU? im wondering, would it still be ok to go even bigger to say 750 ? to establish a bit of future proofing. and even to moreso to tone down the heat
  3. also, was wondering if u had any recommendations on which MOBO to go for. as i am completely lost for where to go with that piece of hardware
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