Hd 5770 and ddr3 1333 2x2gb

Hello i need help...The guy who building my kids pc just told me that one of 2 ddr3 doesnt work The motherboard gigabyte p55m-ud2 ,i5, memory corsair 2x2gb 1333, and also he installed windows 7. He said that he cant se in windows 4 gb and also that motherboard was making strange noice.I just bought those items to make a present for my kids and now a bit worry. Maybe he doing something wrong ? We are friends and i can tell him watever you suggest. Ty in advance.
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  1. Well if the Win 7 that you have installed is the 32bit version you will only see 3.25Gb of usable memory. If you want the whole 4Gb to be seen by Windows you need the 64bit version. Not sure about the noise issue.
  2. If this is a Windows7 32bit, it will not show full 4GB. I am surprised that you friend doesn't know about it.

    All 32 bit system can only handle up to 4GB.

    You need to get a 64 bit if you want to add more RAM in the future.
  3. Nope ... Sorry i didnt mention its 64 bit... Also he said motherboard was bipping. All the rest working fine-windows shows only 2 gb...
  4. Well he needs to configure the RAM correctly in the Bios before anything. This means key in the correct timings/voltage and frequency. As far as the beeping goes the manual will tell you exactly what the problem is. Beeping is normally related to user error and can be adressed just by reading the codes on the manual.

    He should also run memtest on each stick to make sure they are 100% good to go.... If one of the sticks has any errors then it is time for a replacemant.
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