Network slows to a crawl when i play any media file

this is strange and i have finally diagnosed the problem but i do not have a solution.

i have a home network using two vista 64 ultimate computers and i like to transfer large files using the gigabit connection. i was experiencing slow transfer rates going one way but not the other. huge difference. one way i could get up to %90 utilization but the other i could only get less than 10. it was strange because some times it would go fast but most of the time it would be slow. i was frustrated and spent hours researching the issue.

i tried so many different things and none of them worked. the problem was that i am all ways watching video or listening to music and i had no idea that could be the issue. today i am watching the network using task manager and it is going good then i decide to listen to music and the speed drops like a rock. close the app or stop play and the speed comes back?? i tried many different players and different codec but they all have the same affect. let me add that the data i am moving is large avi files on separate (non os) hard drives. or even using the os drives. it does not matter if i am playing a media file on the os drive or the storage drive.

what the hell is gong on? it does not matter if it is video or just an mp3.

here is the system info

computer A: my main computer that i use to surf the net and as a htpc
vista 64 ult
biostar 790gx a2+ latest bios
amd phenom 9600be
8gb ocz reaper @800
onboard video and sound
WD blue 640gb os drive
samsung 1tb f1 media drive
integrated lan

computer B: a gaming rig that i also use to store/backup data
Gigabite 785g latest bios
amd 64 x2 5600
4gb patriot @800
nvidia 8800gt video
onboard sound
old segate ide 40gb os drive
samsung 1.5tb media drive
segate 1.5gb media drive
integrated lan

the speed is great going from a to b, no matter what. i could be watching hd video and get good transfer speeds. but from b to a, i need to close all media applications to get good network speeds. it does not matter if i push or pull the data and i have had the same thing happen using an old xp system to transfer stuff to the A computer. it does not matter if i use a gigabit switch or hook the computers up directly. i have tried using pci Ethernet cards and i get the same results.

i have played around with it more and still no solution. i tried playing music in firefox using LALA and same result. i thought it might be the sound card and plugged in a usb sound card, same result. it seems like vista is reserving network bandwidth for any media player. even if the media is not streaming over the network?

this is so frustrating!!!!????

i have no idea what is going on. any help would be great.
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  1. I think this was an issue back in the Beta days. Not sure if it was a setting hidden somewhere.
  2. eureka i found the problem :) your small comment helped me find the solution. thank you much

    it was vista and it has been a problem for years. why they have not fixed it is a mystery to me. here is a link to the article i found. the solution is to disable the mmcs and remove the mmcs from some registry audio thing. it worked great. i will also include the method i used

    my first thought was to disable the MMCS service, but the Windows Audio service is dependent on it.

    So I ran regedit, and changed the key


    Just remove MMCS from that key in the list, and set MMCS ( Multimedia Class Services) to disabled in services, then reboot.

    As soon as I rebooted I was able to copy files at 40mb/s+ while listening to audio


    i got speed and music. i am happ
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