DDR3 1333 7T vs DDR3 1600 9T

I'm looking to upgrade my PC in the near future. I'm wondering what would be better

DDR3 1333MHz with lower timings CL7 or CL8


DDR3 1600MHz with higher timings CL9

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    If you aren't going to OC,then go with the cheaper model,because timings/speed doesn't make a noticeable difference in performance, however if you are going to OC,then i would go with 1333Mhz CL7, because 1333MHz suffices for a good OC and you get lower timings too.
  2. I'd recommend you to get good 1600 MHz DDR3 RAM modules with CAS6 or CAS7 timings.. Best of both worlds..
  3. Yes but it seems the OP has only those choices
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