Fixed the 925(D0) CPU cant install VISTA OS issue

Old system Pent D 3.4
2 gig ram
250gig harddrive
running a i945 foxconn 945p7AA
my bios is 515f1p38 12/15/05

Can't install windows 7 for the life of sometime freezes copying files over never gets passed the final install....this 925(D0) CPU can't install vista os issue would this also effect windows 7 its a bios issue

I tryed tons of stuff.....tryed to install it off a CD..I tryed to emulate a CD ..I made a bootable flash windows 7 drive...nothing it still will not install...I took out memory.I put in memory...I think it has to be the bios just asking if you guys know for 7 is just like vista right without all the crap vista had
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  1. well I updated the bios no did not even get into im back to old bios
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