Noctua VS Corsair Fans.

I need to choose b/w the two...
They are both around the $20 mark.
Which one is better?

I am talking abt the corsair Silent series fans and Noctua NH-P12's
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    The noctua's are WAY better. The only thing is if you can get over the color. IMO its okay.
    The noctua's move as much air as the the corsair performance editions but are quieter, much much much quieter

    You can also checkout the NH-F12's and the NF-S12B's from noctua instead of the NF-P12's[Im not saying the P12's are not good!]

    The NF-F12 are meant for CPU heatsinks but is louder than the P12's, The NF-S12B's are for case fans and are quieter than P12's(they also move a little more air) and the NF-P12's are more all around fans that do well on CPU heatsinks and case fans ;)

    To get some proof abt what i said,
  2. Thanks! timarp000
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