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I'm having a frustrating problem of my video display not working 1st time from a cold boot. The strange thing is, if I then turn the machine off and boot again the monitor receives signal and I'm good to go. This has happened every single time without fail that I've turned the machine on after it not being on for a while (since building it a couple of days ago). The machine is actually booting because it gets to windows (makes win logon sound!)

mobo: asus p7p55d pro
cpu: core i5 750
gfx: powercolor 5770 (with pci-e power plugged in)
psu: corsair 650 watt
ram: 4gb gskill 1600

I've tried updating the bios and fiddling around with a couple of settings in bios - like disabling quick boot and asus express gate. It might also be worth mentioning that when it does produce video signal - it seems to be a few seconds longer than I expect before I see any post messages etc.

Would really appreciate any thoughts on this, it's driving me nuts

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  1. Lately I have a similar problem. On cold-start my computer either resets and reboots just before login screen or sometimes I get bsod mentioning some ati fle. If I enter bios on cold-start and let it idle there for a few minutes the systems boots OK on first try. I wonder if this problem lies with the recent ATI driver/catalyst v.9.12.
  2. Sorry to hear that, your problem is probably definitely (!) software, ati drivers hanging around from previous incarnations etc... I reckon you should follow this guide

    to clear out all traces of driver and start fresh. ... is a good tool.

    Hope that helps.

    Anyone got any ideas about my problem?
  3. Thank you for your reply. Today I,

    • replaced RAM. (ocz reapers were giving me some problems from the day I bought them.) Installed my former A-Data ram. Did not solve the problem.
    • I uninstalled catalyst 9.12, cleaned the older catalyst file residues with “Driver Sweeper” software I found in the link you gave. I installed catalyst 9.11 This didn’t help either. I had problems with the catalyst uninstall program. It’s a good thing I found Driver Sweeper software, thanks to you.
    • I then opened the case and dismounted the Ati graphic card. I applied pressured air inside the case, applied contact cleaner solution to the socket and terminals of the graphic card and re-installed it. I then installed back the OCZ ram and reinstalled the 9.12 software. Bingo I got rid of my problems.

    Phew! Dealing with PCs is almost as hard as dealing with ladies. :)
    I hope you’ll solve your problem too…
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