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Other option besides cm 212+

I'm planning on buy a cpu cooler for overclocking and need some help finding the right one.
My rig:
cpu: phenom ii 965
ram adata ddr2 800mhz 4gb
mobo: arock a770de+
case: nzxt guardian 921 rb
psu: corsair 750watt
res: 1600x900

I'm probably going to go with the cm 212 evo but i was just curious is there any hsf thats smaller? I'm looking to overclock(or try) to 4ghz. I read some reviews on my case(hard to find) that some people had to remove their side fan which i'm trying to avoid doing that. My case looks awesome and the side fan is lit up and its part of the reason why my case looks so awesome. lol So i've been debating on what hsf i should get for around $40. I already thought about watercooling like the h60 but that may not be in my budget with all the bills I have to pay.

so any help here would be awesome and thanks in advance.

btw i'm using my old hsf off of my athlon ii to cool my cpu cause the stock phenom ii hsf was way to loud. So cureent my cpu is underclock to 3.2ghz so the temps say below 60. lol
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  1. here ya go, check it out and pick the one u like :

    good luck:)
  2. Well I picked up a antec kuhler 620 a few days ago just for 49.99 at canada computers which is quite the deal! You should consider that water cooler, for a few more bucks you get a few degrees better than a hyper 212 and a lot of room in your case.
  3. Or the cm 212+ is just fine :)

    now u gotta plenty of options to pick one from :D
  4. for a phenom II i wouldn't reccomend much more than a hyper 212 evo, unless your into hardcore overclocking, and even then the 212 evo can get 4.1GHz pretty well
  5. It depends on how much Vcore will be required in order to hit 4.0Ghz stably, and what the loaded core temp's will be at that voltage w/ the 212+...
  6. i use a VCore of 1.5625V with LLC and i never pass 70C with the 212 evo
  7. 4.0ghz on a 965 isn't as easy as people think, they will do 3.8ghz with almost no effort, but 4.0ghz is tougher...

    Also, it will probably take a steady 1.525-1.550 on a 965 to keep it stable at 4.0ghz...and it is gonna create a bunch more heat!
  8. Sorry guys for the late response. I didn't really think i'll get much replies i usually don't. lol Just to give every a heads up i made my choice already turns out i made the right one by looking at the responses. lol I went with the 212 evo also bought some paste remover. I read up some more about my case and turns out not everyone has to remove the side fan(lets hope i'm not one of them). I think i'll be okay my fan is pretty good distance away i just may not be able to add a top fan to my case(oh well). lol I was just checking if there any hsf that is a little smaller that will allow me to overclock to 4ghz before i made my choice.

    I know that 4ghz isn't that easy to get stable. worse comes to worse i atlease get to 3.8ghz which is better then 3.4. lol I don't plan on putting my voltage over 1.5 as recommended by amd. So if i have to raise it over 1.5 to get 4ghz stable. I'll just keep it at 3.8ghz. Lets just hope i have a golden cpu.
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  10. And you might wanna consider this air flow after u OC:

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