ASUS Rampage III Extreme vs ASUS P6X58D Premium, which is better?

I'm stuck deciding between those two boards. Which one is better?

- The P6X58D has Realtek ALC889 sound built in while the Rampage just states 8 channels.

- I like the colors of the rampage board better.

- I'm planning to use i7 980x, 12 gb ddr3, corsair h70, ax1200 psu, 1 ati 5970 and haf x case.

Which board is better to suit my setup? Thank you.
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  1. Get the Rampage III Extreme.. It has a better layout for you to go tri or quad GPU setup (if need be) anytime in the future.. Performance wise though, both will perform roughly the same.. As a side note, the R3E will suit your arsenal which already comprises of all the best available components in the market (and you like the color scheme anyway)..
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