ive got the msi p55-gd55 its got two x16 slots one runs at x16 and the other at x4 do you think i can crossfire two 5770's just one on a x4 interface
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  1. You probably could. Read this artical:,2517-2.html

    Essentially, with two 5870's, running at x4, you lose performance, but two 5870's running at x8 hardly are effected.

    Two 5770's are about the same speed as one 5870. Things might not scale exactly so simply, there is some reason to believe they would perform ok.
  2. Yes you can run but as bystander said,with 4x you will lose performance,dual 8x and dual 16x are good options but 16x4x performs worse than both and isn't recommended for CrossFiring
  3. You can run 2 HD 5770's,one will operate at 16x and the other one at 4x
  4. umm, aren't both of them running at 4x? It's crossfire, right?
    the faster card will downclocked at the same speed with the slower...
    could u tell me more, guys?
    I'm still noob here... :)
    • 1 PCI Express gen2 x16 slot (PCI_E2)
    • 1 PCI Express gen1 x16 slot supports x4 speed (PCI_E5)
    So i think if you run in CF mode,one will operate at 16x and the other one at 4x
  6. okay, thanks for the info Maz... :)
    learned a lot... :D
  7. No problem,i was a little confused too :d
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