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Hey all, just finished building my mrs pc, and having nothing but trouble with it, finally managed to install windows on it, and now whenever it boots there is a different problem, i cant isolate the issue either?!?!?! i think maybe hard drive but not sure, sometimes it just locks up, sometimes it takes ages and ages to respond! sometimes it doesnt boot, sometimes it says that the registry is corrupt or missing files, i repair the windows directory, and it works, but then does the same thing over and over, i think i have had like 5 successful boots all in all, there was a trojan detected by avira and now i cant find it again, my mrs found it and didnt quarantine, now its gone, any recommendations? im reconning if if aint the hard drive thats the prob, then im pretty sure this is it, but what do i do, if avira cant find it? i am trying avg now aswell
system specs

phenom 720
500gb sata 2 hd
4 gig mem
550 antec psu
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  1. We need a bit more information about your build. Which "4 gig mem" kit do you have? What PSU do you have? What motherboard do you have? Did you manually set the RAM speed/timings/voltage to their rated specs in the BIOS? If not, that's the first thing I'd do, followed by an overnight run of Memtest86+. It sounds like you've corrupted your OS, so a fresh OS install wouldn't hurt either once you get the system stable. I would focus on the RAM first.
  2. ram is crucial ballistix 800, standard voltage on mobo is 1.8 i have set this to 2.0 as that is what the ram is running at, motherboard is GA-M52L-S3P (rev. 1.0) just about to update bios cuz theres a possibility that there could be a compatibility issue, i have ran various tests, including overdrive stability test for 2 hours, 3d mark and memtest, (should have included all this, sorry :( ) psu is antec truepower 550 not sure what the voltage is sposed to be on cpu, cant remember but at standard it is at 1.25 is this to low?
  3. OK, you set the RAM voltage correctly. Did you also manually set the timings and ensure the RAM is running at DDR2 800? How long did you let Memtest86+ run? You need to do at least 8 hours. I've seen RAM go through multiple passes of Memtest86+ and then start showing errors after about 5 hours.

    You shouldn't have to change the CPU voltage unless your motherboard doesn't support your CPU.
  4. ram timings are automatically set, they seem to be fine and no problems, i ran memtest the whole first night, its really weird, just keep getting harsh system hang now! the cpu is supported, i definately checked that and know its all good, i cant help but think its some horrific virus cuz it keeps deleting or corrupting part of the registry, and also it keeps messing up straight after running scandisk, i know the hard drive is fine though as i have tested it in my other pc!!! ARRRGGHH!
  5. What are your idle/load CPU temps?
  6. also forgot to mention, since installing loads of apps, they have randomly stopped working, saying something about the directory is corrupted!!! wtf guys?
  7. idle temps around 28-32 load around 35-42, just updated bios, gunna see if that makes much difference
  8. Sounds like it could be a HDD problem - is it a new HDD or an old one that you quick formatted ? - might not be a bad idea to reformat the drive again and this time do a complete format instead of a quick format so that it tests the entire drive for errors and then reinstall everything.
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