Where can I get another Sapphire 4870 1GB Toxic ?

Hi, I've searched everywhere and thought I'd just ask the experts here at Toms.Where can a guy get an ATI HD 4870 1GB TOXIC video card ? At this point I don't care if it's used, lol, but would prefer new, and why did they stop making the best card on the market? ty Drew
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  1. ebay?
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  3. From me? I have 1 I can sell to you since I'm not using it at the moment.
  4. TY, to all who submitted a reply.I'm trying all the options and have been for some time.Hope people continue to post unless blue and I or a vendor has one in stock, thanks to a great bunch of people, Drew
  5. Bluescreendeath said:
    From me? I have 1 I can sell to you since I'm not using it at the moment.

    :bounce: Hi Blue, ty for the response.I'm very intrested , been looking for a while for one.I'd like to know the specifics of the card and how long you've owned it and used it, has it been overclocked and such, and is there still time on the warranty and if so if anything were to happen with you work with me on it, let me know asap please, ty again Drew, u can reach me at also
  6. jaguarskx said:

    Thanks Jag, but I've been checking off and on for a while now and can't find em anywhere.And all the new cards are just to darn expensive for what your getting.Can't understand why ATI has increased thier prices so drastically since the 5000 series came out, it's gonna be thier downfall for pc gaming, people will switch consoles and they'll be out of business.We can't all afford 300 plus video cards with all the other upgrades also.thanks Drew
  7. You don't need another 4870 of the same brand for Xfire. Xfire, unlike SLI, allows some amount of lattitude. Bolt on a 4890 or a 4850 if you cant get a 4870 of a different brand.
  8. Hi Mad, TY for the post, but from what I've read and from the ATI website it gives you a list of cards you can use together.That being said, it also says it defaults to the lower end card, so in essence I would be wasting money going up to a 4890 and I'd lose performace going down to the lower 4000 series cards.If anyone has a site or information that differs , please by all means please post it and I'll check it out, ty all again for you help, Drew :hello:
  9. Thanks Tree, I'm checking on both site's, I'm pretty sure I've already checked the fist place out , but never saw the second place befor.I have a phone message into them as well as an email, thanks alot for the help, much appreciated, :D
  10. You're welcome. I hope you find it.
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  12. Bluescreendeath said:
    From me? I have 1 I can sell to you since I'm not using it at the moment.

    Blue, if you or your friend change your mind or wanna sell it soon , let me know you have my email and #. Thanks for the help, laptopluney02
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