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Recovering a partition that is unrecognized

I recently lost my partitions while resizing it using a software.Getting directly to the point, I re installed windows 7 on C: after formatting it. But the D: drive where all my files are backed up is now unrecognized.
I have used another recovery software and recovered some photos & videos, but I'm sure some more important files are still remaining.
My question is, Can I rebuild or re-structure the D: drive using a software so that I get it back in its actual state, i.e just like how it was before my resizing accident? If yes, which is the software I should use/buy ?
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  1. In windows 7 you can use disk management ot resze paetitions , but you do need to be careful not to make a new partition or format anything as you will lose files. Sart , run , type in disk management , it will show all your drives and the partitions and by right clicking on the drive you will see the options. Hope this helps you.
  2. I appreciate your reply, but it didn't help.

    I do not want to resize it, the partition is shown as unrecognized, its shown as RAW now.

    I hope to re-build or re-create the partition (or whatever the technical name is), so that :

    -It will be back to the previous state, with all my files just like before the crash.
    -It will be readable/explorable.

    I need someone to tell me whether this can be done or not.

    At the moment, I am able to use recovery softwares to recover files. (But this is time-consuming as well as not clear).
    So I cant see all my files properly, even long-lost and deleted(unwanted) files showing up too.

    So I want to restore/rebuild the partition so that it will look just like how it was before it crashed.

    Tell me if its possible..or if I have no other option but to format it. (I hope I wont have to format).
  3. I belive it might be possible. You could try your luck wiht a bootable linux distro. such as Ubuntu. Boot of the cd in a live version, and it should be able to recognise your D partition and allow you to copy your files to C.
    Hope it works for you
  4. I will have to wait till I get any linux/ubuntu discs.

    But Today, when I once restarted my laptop , Checkdisk ran before windows loaded.
    The results of the checkdisk showed that Master table of my D: drive is corrupted .

    Any advice on what it means? How can I fix this (hopefully any solution without formatting it) please!
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    Hi, zierre, if the MFT ( master file table ) is corrupt, then your buggered!!!!

    This is where all references for data on hdd are kept, not certain but once this is corrupt, don't think you can recover at all!:-(

    Found this here :

    " Q: How do I repair a corrupt master file table?

    A: It rarely happens that MFT becomes corrupted. NTFS stores a copy of MFT that is called MFT mirror. If problem occurs, NTFS tries to synchronize these copies.

    You can try to run Check Disk utility from Windows environment. Or if Windows is not bootable, boot from floppies or bootable CD-ROM to Recovery Console and run CHKDSK utility that could help you.

    If the damage to MFT is serious, standard utilities might help you and you'll see "Drive cannot be accessed" message when trying to access the drive in Windows Explorer. In this case we recommend you to use third party software, like Active@ UNERASER for DOS or Active@ File Recovery for Windows to access and save your files to another drive, and then reformat the partition. "

    Hope this help and good luck with recovery :-)
  6. Oh....well then I guess I better spend some more time with the recovery software.

    I have recovered a LOT of files already and I feel I've got most of what I want. But I do think there might be some more folder(s) that I may still haven't recovered.

    Oh well, atleast I have a full idea about my situation and know how to proceed.

    To everyone who have replied in this post, "Thank You SO much!! ". You've all been of great help.

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