ASUS M2N-MX support AM3?


It's an AM2 socket motherboard but I hear bios updates can support AM3 on a few other motherboards and I would like to know if my motherboard can.
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    Yeah that's true but not all the mobos can do the same.

    In your case this is the CPU support list of ur mobo and don't support any AM3 CPU.
  2. Ah :( That sucks. I heard the M2N-MX SE which is kind of like my motherboard and I hear that people are running AMD Phenom II X4. But on that website it says it supports the same cpu's as mine. Not sure if they forgot to update but It would be really nice if i could run an AM3 like the M2N-MX SE.
  3. If the site don't show any AM3 CPU maybe is because don't support any one but if u want u can contact to ASUS for mail and ask they for the AM3 compatibility of ur mobo with AM3.
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