Monitors! Your Recommendation Please!

:hello: Hi everyone.
I have decided the rest but I need your help on the monitor. I am looking for 24 inch HD.
Please recommend me afew.
I will be using it for 3D work, Video editing, photoediting, VFX....Watching movie as well, and playing games occasionally.
I have a few in mind, and need you guys opinion and experiences.

ASUS VH242H = AU$269
Benq G2420HD =AU$248
Benq E2420HD = AU$297
LG W2442PA-BF= AU$336

There is a friend of mine he has two dell monitors Dell E248wfp, and the other one 2407wfp. He has used for around 6 months and wants to sell because he wants to get four identical monitors. He is selling it for AU$200.
Is it a good idea to buy this used one (2407WFP)?

Thanks in Advance---Lots of Them :D :D :D :D

Here is My spec. ( I have not built it yet, just got a few of the parts)

Processor: Intel i7 920 2.66 GHZ
MotherBoard: Asus P6T Delux
RAM: 6GB DDR3 1600C7MHZ Corsair Dominator GT
Graphic Card: Nvidia 1GB GTS 250 ASUS/Gigabyte
HDD: Samsung HD753LJ 750GB + WD10EADS 1TB WD
Power Supply: Corsair 1000HX
Case: Cooler Master HAF 932
Optical Drive: LG GH22NS50
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  1. I picked up an Asus 25.6 inch for 239.00 logic buy..
  2. If have the money, i would say LG, it seem pretty nice monitor... :)
    well, if that's too expensive then just choose the cheapest...
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