My MSI motherboard has a easy over clocking feature, ive tried it and it does not seem to get the most stable of overclocks so does anyone know a safe overclock for the phenom ii x4 965 BE?
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  1. You should do a google search for an overclocking guide to get a good idea of how to go about it. Generally speaking motherboard auto overclocks tend to either give too much voltage or be somewhat unstable at times.
  2. i have one and although there not all the same 1.45-7 volts and raise the multiplier till youre at 3.85-3.90ghz i cant give exact figures but this is about how the volts and clocks vary on different cores as theyre not all the same hope this helps this is the most stable i got hope this helps:)
  3. Try checking out the overclocking black edition sticky at the top of this section
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