Can i run 4730/4770 with this psu

can i run 4730/4770 with this psu? :o
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  1. Despite the similar numbering those cards are unrelated. The HD4730 is based on a different processor and is both weaker and much less power efficient than the 40nm HD4770.
    That PSU can probably handle an HD4770 but it looks sketchy so I'm not going to say it's 100% certain.
  2. what do you mean sketchy?
  3. I mean it's an off brand. Power supplies that aren't made by respected manufacturers often have specifications that are entirely unreliable. If the specifications on that chart are in fact what the unit can handle than you should have no problems but that's a big if.
  4. how about HEC 500w
  5. never heard that PSU...
    u already have the card?
    how much do u want to spend?
  6. im going to play at 1440x900
    how about 5670 has been it release 5670 or 4770?
  7. i am aiming for HIS 4670 turbo edition worth $70 here in my place if 5670 will be release for $100 i won't consider waiting then. without AA is not problem with me

    Games im planning to play mostly RPG/RTS
    but some are:

    Dragon age Origin
    X-Men Origin
    Mass Effect 1 & 2
    NBA 2k10
    Age of Pirates 2
    King Arthur
    Witcher Enhanced Edition
    Total War - probably latest or upcoming
    Divinity II
    Star wars force unleashed
    GTA IV - dont care if it is max cause it require 1GB anyware
  8. sorry double post
  9. a hec 500w should cost the same as a corsair cx400. go get the latter.
  10. The PSU looks like it has 24amps on the 12v rails.
    A 4770 uses less power than a 4830, and I've seen people run 4830s or 9800GTs (same power consumption) on PSUs with 24amp Dell PSUs.

    So it probably could handle it...depending on the age but who knows about capacitor aging, etc?
  11. athlon 240 2.8ghz
    1gb ddr2
    80gb sata
    300w psu

    i have $70 only
    i don't have a job(jobless) at the moment so my budget is quite strict
  12. really tight on budget and psu as well...
    i would say 4670 or 5670...
  13. jefrey1983 said:
    athlon 240 2.8ghz
    1gb ddr2
    80gb sata
    300w psu

    i have $70 only
    i don't have a job(jobless) at the moment so my budget is quite strict

    Hey Jeffery,

    What you need is a cheap GPU and another gig of ram. Get a 4670 and use whatever is left over to start saving for the ram.
    Until then turn your antivirus and anything else that uses system resources off when you are gaming.
  14. Or you could just follow BDDdazza's advice and just wait until you have a job to buy something good. (thats what im doing...haha)
  15. hehe i can't do that i want to finish dao again playing at max setting
    huge difference playing at low and high

    i didn't finish baldurs gate II cause my CD got broken so its like a comeback hunger for me ^,...,^
    i might just sell my 4670 after my first pay day if i got the job on monday hopefully ^^
  16. thanks for the advise, is 5670 twice as powerful as 4670? im buying 4670 HIS Turbo edition today @ 780Mhz default was 750mhz i might play @ 1280x1024 resolution
    heard 5750 is twice powerful than 5670 then maybe ill just upgrade @ 5750 in the near future hopefully lol
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