Do I need a new hard drive?

Cannot log into windows, the Laptop POST's fine and windows start but the moment you try to log on to an account the screen either goes black with just the mouse cursor visable or i get BSOD (did not record error code but can if needed)

Just need to know if i require a new harddrive based on the following test results or is there a way of fixing said issue.

Laptop is a DELL DIMENSION running Windows Vista Basic and is around 4 years old. Warranty has expired and no insurance.

SATA Disk S/N = 5RF36CJ6 - Confidence Test = FAIL

SATA Disk S/N = 5RF36CJ6 - Device Quick Check = FAIL

SATA Disk S/N = 5RF36CJ6 - Read Test = FAIL

All come up with the following error message:

"Error Code 0F00:0232

Msg: DISK - Interrupt Request (IRQ) not sent in time"
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  1. Certainly could be the HDD failing, but I would try starting up in safe mode (hold down F8 during start up) to see if it just a driver problem and then try reinstalling Windows to insure that it is not a Windows issue.

    If you need to replace the HDD, it is quite easy to do yourself. Dell has service manuals with detailed instructions available for most of its models.

    edit: and if it does start in safe mode run chkdsk.
  2. be prepare to get a new drive and save the most data if you can get acces to it
  3. I tried to boot in safe mode and the same thing happens i can just get into the user account and see the desktop but then it goes super slow and goes black or brings up another BSOD.

    Im going to try and remove and reset the harddrive just it case its come loose or something, but failing that ill just have to try and recover / backup everything and reinstall windows and they get a new hard drive if that doesn't work.

    The laptop is over 3 years old and i have never rated DELL for their quality in builds. so im not surprised something like this has happened.

    Ive had the same componenets in my home build desktop for 5 years and its still runnning strong and keeps up with the latest software and games.

    If only i could build my own laptop id be happy lol
  4. could you put it in slave in the desktop to retreive your data or having a external drive case you could use ,start lookink for a new drive be shure to get the one with same w,l,h to fit laptop
  5. passed laptop to my grandad who knows a friend etc lol and seemed to repair what ever the problem is, still the same hard drive which is weird because all diagnostics pointed to failed hard drive and I swapped RAM about and check most of the other components.

    Also once i removed the HDD the computer wouldnt boot at all and just gave out 4 short beeps every 5 seconds of so.

    So everything pointed to HDD but ill ask him what was wrong with it and post in here.

    cheers for all replys
  6. you could use the test that maker of the drive got on the web to know exactly what's wrong with the drive
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