Best single slot PCI-e?

I'm putting together a new i7 rig, the Mobo is an Asus Rampage II GENE. I would like to find a crossfired card, but in a single slot form factor. I recall seeing one a few months ago, but i cannot turn up any info on it now. I would like a card like this co i can still crossfire 2 GFX cards, but not lose my normal (x1)PCI-e slot in between both (x16)pci-e slots.

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  1. If you are still selecting parts, I'd definately rethink the mobo you are choosing if you are being forced to go with a single slot form factor card.

    Most all good cards require two slots of room.
  2. ^+1
    A single card usually can be so hot pretty fast... :)
  3. already purchased the mobo. I am going for a small-ish cases, though it still has room for a 2 full length GFX cards(one in each slot).
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