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I'm wondering how typical these temp measurements are...

I have a stock (no OC) core i7-930 air cooled with a Noctua NH-U12P SE2.

Using CoreTemp v 99.5 I get readings of about 30 C at idle and 70 C at full Prime95 blend (100% cpu utilization).

Sound about right to folks? And what should be the max temp for long life and stability?
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  1. Ugh... not good for stock no. Unless your ambient is very hot.
  2. Ambient is normal house temp, prolly around 20C.

    I should add that Speedfan reports core temps about 15C lower at full load... low-mid 50s..
  3. ct1615 said:
    what are you talking about? the i7 run warm and 30c idle and 50c load is fine for any CPU

    ct1615 - my full load temp actually is average of ~70C across the cores in CoreTemp.exe... it shows about 15C lower in Speedfan.
  4. ct1615 said:
    so it hits 70c load and it also hit 70c during your Prime 95 test?

    * for example my CPU will idle 25c, at load it will hit 44c, but during a CPU test it will go higher then 44c

    Ah.. I think I'm confusing idle vs load vs test...

    it hits 70 when doing the CPU test using Prime95 (prime number search algorithm). So, that's a load factor I wouldn't see much in real life I suppose.

    Just normal operation (i.e. web browsing), it's about 35 C.
  5. Good point... I guess I shouldn't stress over these tests (pun intended).

    I'm running them though to see if there's a way to determine if I've set everything up right... it's my first build and I'm paranoid about everthing.... lol.
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    Hmm. I think your idle temps are slightly warmer than usual, but your load temps seem to be very high. I also have a Core i7 930, overclocked to 3.65GHz, and at idle, it stays at 30ish, but the max temp it gets to on full load (Prime 95) is around 65 degrees celcius. I'm using a Megashadow cooler with a single fan - an Ultra Kaze 2K RPM. The Megashadow is quite a beast of a cooler though, and I'm not sure how it compares to the NH-U12P SE2.

    At legitreviews, their Noctua NH-U12P SE2 kept their i7 920 overclocked to 3.5GHZ at approximately 67 degrees celcius, at load.
    At stock speed (2.66GHz, 133MHz less than the 930, it kept their CPU at 56.7 full load.)

    A few questions, what thermal paste did you use, and did you spread a very thin layer over the CPU? If you used too much paste/the paste layer is too thick, it does increase the temperature a bit, as apparently the paste acts as an insulator instead of conductor of heat. Also, the FT02 has the same motherboard orientation as my RV01, which has less of an effective cooling system than yours. Open case really helps the temperatures, so, try testing your system with the side door open.
  7. Lmeow - thanks for the info and link. Does make me think I should see temps a little lower.

    I used Noctua's thermal paste which was included with the HSF. I followed their recommended method of just applying a 5mm blob in the middle of the cpu and pushing the radiator straight down onto it. Noctua says the temps are ok, but I might just try reapplying the paste or trying another type.

    BTW - I tried Core Temp on a Dell Optiplex 745 and am seeing ~65C under full Prime95 load (100% cpu). That's a totally stock Core 2 duo E6600 running at 2.4GHz. Seems that an i7 would likely be hotter. 'Course the optiplex has a small case and measly fan.
  8. ct1615 said:
    what are you talking about? the i7 run warm and 30c idle and 50c load is fine for any CPU

    U need to learn the difference between a stock cooler and an aftermarket cooler. Ur stock cooler cools less than an aftermarket one. U get what I'm saying? Ur in need of a book on temperatures and heatsinks.
  9. ct1615 said:
    do you/ or did you have a short bus pick you up on when you went to school?

    You don't need to have the slash AND say or.

    Do you/did you


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