Pc wont boot after intallation of graphics card

Hi i have bought a galaxy geforce 210 low profile graphics for a budget pc these are the specs,
geforce 210 512 ddr2, HDMI, CRT, DVI, windows 7 compatable.

i installed it and connected the vga to crt and turned it on, the monitor detected the connection but did not display any thing, after about 30 seconds the pc shut itself off, i tried again it turned off in 15 seconds, then 5 seconds, then it would not start at all. i took the graphics out and it would start, to me these lead to think that it is a power issue but my power source is a pt 450w ar-t which good enough since the the minimum power is 300w. so that makes me start to think that i may have to do something in the bios. these are my pc specs,
intel celeron D 3.2 ghz, gigabyte ga-81945gmf motherbord, intel 945g express onbord chipset, 450w power supply, wd 40 gb atx hard drive, pioneer dvd optical, award bios, windows 7 32bit.
please give me some infomation on how to resolve this problem
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  1. my pc passes the minimum pc requirements for the card
  2. your mobo, it have an onboard gpu or not?
    u can try the card on another computer to make sure it's defective or not... :)
  3. Or your PSU does not produce enough power to run the card.
  4. Sounds like either a) if your mobo has onboard video, you need to disable that in the BIOS for a new card to work, or b) if you were using an add-on video card before, you need to uninstall the drivers for your old video card to get the new card to work.

    The shutting down thing seems like a separate problem and honestly sounds to me like a heat issue. That video card should not be drawing anywhere near enough power to be stressing a 450W power supply, unless the power supply is coincidentally going bad on its own.

    But if the CPU is overheating, it'll do exactly what you described -- shut itself down and then if you try to turn it back on, it'll shut down in increasingly shorter and shorter amounts of time because most of the heat hasn't had a chance to dissipate. First thing Id try for that is reseating the CPU and applying new thermal paste, and checking for dust and other things that could be blocking airflow. Also make sure your CPU fan is plugged in correctly and working.
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