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"Bootmgr is missing" no operating system

Hey, my laptop is acting up and has been giving me a black screen with cursor issue lately. So I decided to do a clean install of win7. All was well and thought I installed it correctly. Upon restarting my laptop I get the dreaded "Bootmgr is Missing". So I looked up solutions and end up trying to repair using the win7 boot up disk. Then I try to just install Win7 that didn't work either. So I get either of two errors "no operating system" or I have to load up a driver of some sort. So basically, what can I do? I only have one hdd so I do not have a partitioning issue, and I've tested the hdd and memory and everything was good. Please give me advice.

Laptop Dv5
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    Hi liux43, OK, so i would try deleting the partition an re-creating it at the start of windows 7 setup.

    It seems to me that the partition has become corrupted for some reason ( boot mgr error ) and when you install you then get ( no OS error! ).

    Try setup again, but delete partition and recreate, when you have done this, if possible before continuing with setup, shutdown and restart, then begin setup again .

    Try this and let us know how you get on, good luck :-)
  2. Thank you for your reply, but as I did not create a partitiong, which one am i deleting? I have a x: boot or C:
  3. ISSUE RESOLVED. REMOVED unnecessary partitions and used USB to install Win 7. Thank you for helping
  4. Your wellcome :-)
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