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Hello, when taking out my 9800 gt to replace it with a new gtx 285 the little white plastic clip broke in slot 1. So now I'm trying to install the card in slot 2 but I can't get past bios because a message pops up saying "a single graphics card has been detected in slot 2, please move it to slot 1". Is there any way to get around this with out buying an entire new motherboard?
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  1. Just insert the video card in slot 1 and make sure the card is secured to the rear panel slot. Should be okay.

    A long time ago the PCI connections did not have those clips and there were no tool free fasteners. We just plugged in video cards and screwed them to the slot on the rear panel. Never had a problem.
  2. Is there an option in the bios to make the second slot priority ?
  3. Oh Boy! Most motherboards require a card to be in the primary slot. A small handful of boards allows the use of any PCI-e slot. They're usually motherboards with more than one PCI-e x16 slot. I do not know if there is an option in BIOS. You'll have to go in and take a look.
  4. Usually there is not an option in the Bios however, the extent of the options are usually just to set video slot priority PCI AGP PCI-E etc.
  5. Realy you want the primary GFX card in slot 1, as that will be running at full PCIx16. Depending on your mobo the second could be PCIx8 or even x4. Jst pop the card into slot one as JohnnyLucky said, and make sure the screw is firmly inplace to hold the GFX card to the rear panel. It'll be fine.
  6. I managed to get the card in and screw it in real tight in the first slot with the broken clip, thanks for the replies though. All 3 slots on my mobo are pcie 2.0 x16 so it wouldnt have been a problem but it just didnt want to let it run in any slot but the first.
  7. Those little clips really don.t do much to hold it in the slot the screw on the back panel does most of the work of holding it in place.
  8. Agreed
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