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I have the following problem: I have a Gigabyte MA790XT-UD4P and I recently wanted to update the BIOS. After the update my Raid-5 (consisting of 6x 1 TB drives) shows that 1 drive is missing. When I go to the AMD RaidXpert Application in Windows Vista, it shows me the same. In the AMD RaidXpert Application I have the possibility to restore the Raid-5 Array using the one available "spare" drive which formely actually belonged to that Raid-5. At the moment I can access the Raid-5 without problems in windows. Do you suggest that I just restore/rebuild the Raid-5 using that unallocateed drive?
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  1. After several restarts of the computer and checking again all BIOS options, I decided to rebuild the Raid-5 Array. It is doing about 1% every 3 minutes. I think next time i will use more caution to update the BIOS, however I had actually a problem with another RAID-5 in this computer (consisting of a PCI Raid Controller + 4 Disks), thats why I wanted to update the BIOS.
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