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Dear All,

Currently on newegg.com, both a 4850 X2 2 GB and a 4890 1 GB are being sold for USD $209 (the 4890 can also be got for USD $195).

1 - which is the better deal? i.e. more powerful card? as though i believe two 4850's are stronger than a 4890, it is CrossfireX... many games might run better with the 4890...

2 - if i get the 4850 X2, will my PCI Express x16 1.0 connection bottleneck the card?



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  1. Stick with HD4890. HD 4850x2 is faster but it is big,heat issues are common and may get noisier while gaming.

    Your 1.0 slot ill hold back both of those cards bt not much.So don't worry.
    Make sure your PSU can power the card.
  2. the 4850x2 is more powerful...it has the power of a 5850 or a gtx285. Both cards will run at about the same temp unless you were looking at a 4890 with advanced cooling.
    You can always compare performance by checking out toms video card charts.
  3. I prefer a single slot card, so i would choose Hd4890... :)
  4. wa1 said:
    I prefer a single slot card, so i would choose Hd4890... :)

    is there such a thing as a single slot 4890?
  5. no no, sorry about that, i should say it more clearly....
    I mean: i prefer a single gpu card(4890) rather than dual gpu card(4850x2).
    Sorry, my mistake... :)
  6. i was thinking similarly to wa1...
  7. Why is a 4890 about the same as a 4850x2? The 4850x2 will have double the working stream processors. Do clock speeds and GDDR5 memory make it that much better? I know that the 4890 has better cooling and takes less power, but wouldn't the 4850x2 have the power to justify it?
  8. go for a 4890 and if you want to squeeze out more power then simply overclock the speeds!!
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