My Internal Hard Drive is not being detected after shutdown

So this started a few days ago, coincidentally right after I installed Ubuntu on a separate partition. May or may not be related, I'm unsure.

When I restart my computer after boot it picks up the hard drive just fine, which is important to note.

But when I shut down my computer, say overnight, when i go to turn it on in the morning, my hard drive is not detected and the system will not boot. Taking the side off my case, unplugging my hard drive and plugging it back in fixes the issue, but it is insanely annoying to have to take the side off my computer every time I want to start it up.

So right before the issue started I installed Ubuntu on a separate partition. Then a day or two after it started I wiped everything off my computer made my drive all one partition and re-installed windows 7. Sadly I wasn't really thinking and installed Ubuntu again on another partition right after installing windows 7. So there was no period for me to test to see if that was actually the issue, which was dumb of me.

But since then I wiped my Ubuntu partition reformated it to work in windows and uninstalled the Ubuntu boot loader and re- installed the windows one. So now I have no Ubuntu and the issue still persists.

I could try reformting everything again and re installing Windows and not installing Ubuntu at all, but reformatting is a serious pain so i thought id post here first.

I almost forgot the most important part, the hard drive is SATA.

Let me know if there is any more information that you need.

Thanks so much.
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  1. I would tread your issue as first indication of a failing drive.
  2. I have had the drive 1 year and about 3 months. Seems a little soon for it to be failing. If it is that is too bad.
  3. It actually could as well be related to the controller on your motherboard but unlikely if your optical drive is getting detected and is SATA as well.
    The only thing you can try is a full reformat, many people have Ubuntu on different partition without your issues.
  4. Yes my optical drive (cd drive right?) is always detected and is SATA as well. So seems like my hard drive might be failing.

    Any other ideas?
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