Computer shuts off...possibly overheating

ok heres the computer would shut off out of nowhere while trying to play a graphically demanding game like crysis or running a amd x2 5600+ cpu with a cm v8 heatsink with evga 9800gtx+ graphics card...coolmax v600 watt psu all in a cm storm scout case with 3 large fans..i put on the v8 heatsink about 4-6 months ago and put the thermal paste that came with it...i clean the computer case about once or twice a month using an craftsman air compressor cleaning the entire case...this shuting down started to happen about a month ago when i first bought would just shut down on me while i was playing restart but just a shutdown....i noticed that my cpu temps has gone a bit up from like 25 degrees to like 30 degrees at idle in the last month or two....its non overclocked in anyway...could it be an overheating issue?...or not enough power but i've been using that powersupply for almost a year without any problems...i'd play crysis without it shutting down before...but in the last month it shuts down everytime i play...thermal paste going bad?...please help!!!!...thanks
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  1. just checked bios...cpu temp is running from 32-42 degrees...i was at like 25 degrees a few months ago with 16 degrees being the lowest it has ever gotten
  2. Sounds like your video card maybe overheating. any errors or blue screens before shutting down>?
  3. no blue screens or errors ...bout an hour ago my computer just shut off while i was streaming a video on the internet
  4. Try reseating the cpu and reapplying thermal paste correctly.
  5. I suspect the power supply.
  6. when you say shut down... does windows shutdown... or does the PC just loose power?
  7. You've got a Chokemax PSU. It can't handle the load, and is shutting off. Replace it with a quality PSU that has full range active PFC (no little voltage switch) and is 80+ certified. Antec, Corsair, Seasonic, PC Power & Cooling, and Enermax are among the better brands.
    Under load, your 9800GTX+ uses only 10.5A. A 380W Antec Earthwatts or a 400W Corsair CX would power your system just fine.
  8. computer just looses power and abruptly turn off
  9. Have you been able to see what the temps were just before it shut down? If it's still around 45, then I don't think it's your CPU. I agree with jsc that I think you have a fault power supply or connection somewhere.
  10. If temps are normal before powering off. then it's definately the PSU
  11. it is the power supply that causes the shutdowns
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