First time overclocking AMD Phenom x4 960T Need help!

CPU: AMD Phenom x4 960T (Black edition) 3,00ghz
MoBo: Gigabyte 970a-ud3

So, I am really new in overclocking and i need some help from you guys. Here is everything i have done so far and I think everything i know about overclocking aswel:

So, as you may know, my CPU is able to be unlocked to six-core, I have done that, tested with prime95 and it is stable. With 6 cores opened, my idle temperature of CPU is 40 celcius (TMPIN1 in HW since CPU temperatures are not visible after unlocking the cores). In load it is about 50c.
Then i noticed that my 1600hz ram's were running only 1333hz, so i increased some kind of ratio to 8:00 so it jumped to 1600, i also made them ungaged. I also put new timings, 9-9-9-27.

After i did that, i increased RAM voltage from 1.51 to 1.65 since my RAM is 1.65v.

Then I thought that maybe i should overclock my CPU a bit, since i just bought a new game and i would like to have a bit better performance. My goal is to run 3,2ghz with all six cores.

I increased my CPU clock ratio to 16 and let the frequency be 200. After i did that i reseted the voltages etc. So my RAM is now 1.51 again, and its running weird 1339 (or 1338, can't remember :)). So what should i do now? I hope I have given you enough information.

One question more, is it okay that i don't touch the cpu frequency at all, instead just increase the ratio?

So all in all, i would like to have 3,2ghz with 6 cores and 1600hz rams, i don't know anything about the voltages, but my CPU voltage is about 1,47v default, and RAM 1,51 as I said
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  1. yup easiest is increase the ratio/multiplier..

    up by one, stress testing, up by one again, until it crash/reach temp limit

    then down one

    For starter i would like to let the ram at default speed first when O.C. the Processor so it will not interfere,....

    After the Processor stable then up the ram to 1600 and volt since the ram is 1.65v

    I'm not familiar with 960T (Thuban), but i think vcore 1,47v is high (try down it to 1.35v -1.4v)

    Someone can correct me if it's wrong.

    edit: I think it's better to turn off turbo core feature if O.C.
  2. 3,3ghz with six-cores, 57max temperature, 1,376v, 10min. of prime95 with large (6 threads), no warnings etc, looks stable. What do you think about the temperature? Haven't touched to voltages at all, ram is now 1333hz unganged, was told that phenom doesn't support 1600. Ram isn't clocked. What do you think, still get more ratio/multipler?
  3. It's high but good for now (the temp limit is 62). since everyday use will not reach that level,

    u will need a better cooler for higher speed... (or u can try to lower the vcore voltage).

    Anyways i want u to not turn off Cool and Quiet (it will lower the temp if it not used)
    and when system crash don't panic, try reseting CMOS to default and try last known stable setting

    for the memory the 1600 give some improvement. Cannot said how much since I only tested it in synthetic benchmark but there is an improvement in the score.
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