Three motherboards tested all boot to FF and wont post

Hello, I had an issue with my EVGA E760 posting FF, it happened randomly. I did everything that the EVGA tech support told me to do, all the way up to booting the board outside of the case. I RMA'd the board and the replacement board, which happened to be bran new, had the same issue. Again I did all of the tests they said to do.

While I waited for EVGA to test the board, I bought an EVGA E768 board to see if that did the same thing. Today I received the board and it is having the same problem. I called EVGA and they said the board I sent back passed, which means it booted up for them.

I pretty much have come to the conclusion that my CPU is dead, below I will post all the of tests I ran.

Tried two different CPU's, three different graphic cards. I tested the motherboards all outside of the case sitting on the motherboards box. I have tested them with no ram, and only 1 stick in the first red slot, tested it with no CPU, no cooler. When the CPU is in and there is no cooler, it gets warm and I immediately turn the computer off.

I find it very hard to believe that all three of my video cards, all three motherboards, all of my ram, and both PSU's are all dead when they were all working previous to the first boot to FF problem I got. Any ideas?
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  1. What is the make and model of your Power Supply Unit?
  2. I have two and tested them both. Silverstone ST1500 that is basically bran new, and a Thermaltake 1200W modular PSU
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