Get 2 beeps but no video

A week ago I purchased some new components...MSI GF615M-P33 motherboard, AMD Athlon II X3 CPU, single stick Crucial 2GB DDR3 RM25664BA1339, and Western Digital 500GB harddrive b/c I thought the motherboard died. I reused the power supply (Antec Smartpower 2.0 500W...bought back in '04, this would have been comp #4 for it) and the case.

I plugged up the system (outside the case, on a wood table), cleared CMOS using the jumper, turned it on and got 2 beeps, no video. The CPU fan and case fan spin, LED power indicator on the motherboard light up but no active HDD light. I checked the HDD by temporarily installing it in an external enclosure and hooked it up by USB to the computer I'm using right now, powered up ok and was recognized by my computer.
I tried reseating the RAM and also using the other slot. It doesn't matter, same thing happens. The CMOS was reset each time. The next day I took the assembly (mobo, RAM, CPU) back to the shop to have them test it. It booted up fine for them. I took it back home, reinstalled in the case, and the same thing kept happening. I shorted the pins on the mobo connector and tested with a multimeter and all were within spec. Didn't do a load test b/c I didn't want to fry the new motherboard.
The fans on the power supply don't spin at all when I turn it on but if I remember correctly this PSU was like that when new because it controls the fans itself.

Now for some history:
The computer that was using this power supply died with the same symptoms so I just assumed it was the motherboard. ...but now I'm not so sure since I have a new board, CPU, and ram which check out ok at the shop.

So...would I be correct in thinking that this is a bad power supply?
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  1. Its the PSU. After all, the other computer had these symptoms, and every other reused part was tested separately. You have tested every part except that one, and everything else works.
  2. Thanks for the help MadAdmiral. After all that was computer, PSU, etc guess what the culprit really was? A dead LCD monitor. It lights up and flickers then goes to "no signal" even hooked up to the computer I'm using now, not the one I just built. It's only a couple years old and is the 1st one I've owned so I wasn't aware of their shorter life span compared to a CRT. Anyway, the new computer runs perfectly and is hooked up to an old 17" CRT that was laying around the house.
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