Resize buffalo linkstation pro duo raid 1

I have a buffalo linkstation pro duo with 2 x500gb drives in raid 1 mirror. I am almost out of space, I want to upgrade the drives but when I do it leaves the array limited to 500gb even though it is stored on a 500gb drive.

I was hoping I could hook the drives up to a computer & clone them to a bigger drive but I'm having trouble doing this.

Any ideas of the best & fastest way to transfer all data to 2x1TB drives in raid 1? preferably without having to transfer all via ethernet & then transfer back.

Any help appreciated :)
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  1. Well if you want to upgrade both drives, you will have to transfer all the data -- as you have seen you cannot upgrade just one because the smallest drive is the limit of size for your RAID 1.
  2. Yeah I have already tried replacing both drives but the array was still limited to 500GB.

    First I installed a 1TB drive, resynced the array & as expected the array was still 500GB, I then added another 1TB drive, resynced, but array still 500GB.

    Any ideas?
  3. You need to add both at the same time and create a new array to use the full 1Tb.

    When you add just one it will only use 500gb and even when the second is added it will still be limited to the 500gb space on the first unless (and I don't think Buffalo supports auto-resizing) that after adding the second and before resyncing, you can expand the first drive space into the unused space.
  4. But I would have to recopy all the data back....looking for the fastest way to put data back on?
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